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Tips to Trek to Everest Base Camp

Are you preparing for Everest Base Camp Trekking & need some idea for the trip?? Here are some tips for you.

1. Buy your gear in Kathmandu:- All needed trekking equipments such as poles, hats, gloves, socks, down jackets; sleeping bags etc are cheaper in Kathmandu.  There is even a Mountain Hardware and North Face genuine store that offers great deals.

*Note: You can also take these equipments on rent. 

2. Bring chocolate and any treats that you want:- This is a very important tip for you! Pringles and chocolate are expensive and having your own little stash for treats is nice. Sometimes when the altitude gets to us, the only thing that feels good going down is chocolate. It is a good idea to have some with you and you can buy it in Kathmandu. 

3. Tang – Bring tang to flavor your water:- Water can get pretty boring and you have to stay hydrated at altitude. Tasted water helps you to drink more and it’s more enjoyable than just water all the time. 

4. Bring water purifier or purification tablets :- You can get normal water while you are in the way, just fill the water and purify it yourself. Mineral water is expensive to buy.

5. Pack a map (or guide book of your choice):- The map or guide-book makes you reference regularly, check altitude symptoms, illnesses, your route and what you expect. 

6. Bring a book:- The Everest Base Camp trek takes several days and it can get a little boring sometimes. You may only have the energy to stay in bed and read a book, so bring a good one book. You can buy books in Kathmandu as well Namche Bazaar. 

7. Handi wipes:- Don’t worry about bathing much. Nobody does on Everest and we all smell.  Showers are not very pleasing at -10 degrees and you can go for days without properly washing.  Hand wipes and hand purifier at least helps keep you healthy. 

8. Do not eat more meat after Namche Bazaar:- Meat is carried up the mountain. They do not kill the animals on site so it is not sure to be fresh. 

9. Don’t be afraid of the suspension bridge:- This may seem like a terrifying and freaked tip over suspension bridges to Everest, but they are safe and in great condition. You actually enjoy walking along the bridges and the gorges. It is beautiful.

10. Keep batteries close to your body at all times:- Charging batteries is very expensive (almost $5 per hour). The cold reduce batteries quickly, so extend their life by keeping them warm with you.

11. Bring your own tea:- Tea is very expensive on Everest region and it is cheaper to buy hot water and use your own tea bags. Bring more diversity of teas as well for more enjoyment.


By: Bishnu


Upcoming Nepali Festival – Tihar

Festival date:- Nov-09-2015 to Nov-13-2015

Tihar is the second biggest festival after Dashain. It is the Festival of Lights, sweets and decorations.
On different days, people worship crows, dogs, cows and oxen with delicious food for their own important role in the society.
On night of Lakshmi Puja, houses are decorated & cleaned with lighting candles, oil lamps and other lights with the faith that Goddess Laxmi will enter the house that is bright and cleanest. Garlands are hung at the doors and windows and lamps are lit to invite wealth god Laxmi into the homes, shops and workplaces.
On Bhaitika, the last day of the festival, this day sister’s worship to their brothers for their long life to preserve the lives of his sisters and brothers in return gift them with valuable goods.

Observe Dashain Festival – 2015

Dashain is the one of the longest and most favorite festival of Nepal. Skyes of Kathmandu filled with kites & swings are set on the grounds everywhere for children and grownups alike. Animals like goats, buffaloes, ducks and chickens are sacrificed to the goddess Durga on Kal Ratri to observe her victory. Following day, on Nawami, some peoples clean their vehicles and sacrifice animals or eggs for safe journey throughout the year.

The next day (10th day of this festival) is Dashami (Tika), people dress up well and visit elders to receive large red tikas on their foreheads. In the next days of Dashain, families and friends come together, gifts are exchanged & blessings are imparted on this festival.

Explore yourself & get more knowledge regarding the Dashain Festival.

Places to Observe: All over the country during the festival.

Festival date: 13-Nov-2015 to 27-Nov-2015

Top 5 Reasons to trek to Everest Base Camp | Attractions of EBC Trek

Everest Base Camp Trekking is one of the most popular as well trekked trekking destinations in the whole world, also a lifetime opportunity to see some of the most magnificent panoramic views. The Everest Base Camp Trekking follows the historic trails to the base camp of this world’s tallest mountain named Everest and also offers to visitor’s an unrivaled views of beautiful green forests, Sherpa villages etc. It is no doubt to say that the Everest Base Camp Trekking is a greatest trek in the whole land of the Himalayas.

Here are top 05 attractions of this Everest Base Camp Trek.

01. The trek offers you an amazing mountain flight to/from Lukla.

Lukla is the trekking starting point for this EBC trek. To be in Lukla you will have a Mountain flight from Kathmandu, this is an unforgettable flight, with amazing views of the Eastern Mountain range.

02. Offers a wonderful experience of Tea-house.

Mountain parts of Nepal are scattered with small villages, which offer warm tea houses/lodges accommodations during the trek. It is also a great way to trek, to connect with local people and meet other trekkers from around the world so making it a refreshing experience to you.

03. The local peoples [Sherpa].

Sherpa’s are known for their adept mountaineering skills and faithfulness, The Everest region is also the home of Sherpa’s, an ethnic group of Nepal that lives in the mountain areas. They are highly considered as expert mountaineers in their local environment. The trek also offers you to be familiar with the local Sherpa peoples and their culture & traditional.

04. Superb Mountain Views.

The spectacular landscape and the magnificent views of high mountains including the Mount Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Cho Oyu and other numerous rewards during the trekking. We can observe four of the world’s six tallest mountains during the trekking.

05. The Sagarmatha National Park.

Most of the part of this Everest region trekking is inside the boundary of Sagarmatha National Park, listed as a world heritage site this is home of diversity of Himalayan flora and fauna. It is home of birch, blue pines, juniper, bamboo and rhododendron including at least 118 species of other birds. We can found also musk deer, snow leopard, Himalayan black bear and red panda as well.


Why You Should Visit Nepal

The Mount Everst
The Mount Everst

Now, it is more than four months after the earthquake struck in Nepal, many people are still wondering about it is a good to visit Nepal or not? Is it safe? Was the entire country affected?

Well, here are some reasons why you should still visit Nepal.

1. Nepal is still beautiful on their natural.

Nepal didn’t lose any of its attractiveness even with the shocking earthquake. Nepal is still beautiful with its snow covered mountains, beautiful green forests, frozen waterfalls, and rich flora and fauna. Just only one among ten national parks in the country was affected by the quake. Nepal’s most popular wildlife safari destination Chitwan National Park, Annapurna Conservation Area (a popular trekking route in the whole world), and the beautiful city Pokhara etc are least affected by the earthquake and still welcoming to visitors.

2. Not all has gone.

However major national monuments & sightseeing places Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square faced devastation, Nepal still have 8 world heritage sites listed by UNESCO. World famous tourist destinations such as Lumbini, the birth place of Gautam Buddha still standing and ready to welcome visitors of there.

3. Nepal Trekking is still wonderful.

Out of Thirty five trekking trails in Nepal only two were affected by the earthquake.  Most of the trekking routes, including the most popular trekking regions Everest , Annapurna, Manaslu are released for trekkers. Many local peoples are economically dependent on tourism in these regions, that’s why they are hoping and praying to greet the visitors back to Nepal.

4. Basic services are operating as previous.

Basic services like electricity, phone lines; transportation (road & sky) has not been affected. There is no damage to any highways, subways or major bridges. All the national and international airports in Nepal are safe and they are operating all services as previous. You won’t have to problems about the trouble in transportation or communication caused by the quake.

5. You will get special discounts.

Most of the trekking agencies, travel companies, hotels are offering special pretty offers to attract visitor to visit Nepal in 2015. This discount on hotels and travel packages, visitors will be able to enjoy a lot more, in very less expenses. Travel in Nepal with the discounts on the tourist deals; this may be a perfect time to visit the country as economically.

6. Great volunteering opportunities.

This is also a great time to go volunteering in Nepal because; now the country’s people needed your help the most. You can join to helper groups of Nepal and help the country however you can. You can help to reconstruct, teach the children’s or provide counseling while you are in Nepal.

7. Nepal is calling you.

Tourism is one of a major source to the Nepalese Economy. The tourism sector provides employment and income for thousands of people in Nepal.  The earthquake has made much harm to human lives, monuments and the scenery. During this time of deserted, nothing is more hopeful than support from a friend. Absolutely your visit to Nepal will help the country Nepal to recover from many ways.

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