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Tips to Trek to Everest Base Camp

Are you preparing for Everest Base Camp Trekking & need some idea for the trip?? Here are some tips for you.

1. Buy your gear in Kathmandu:- All needed trekking equipments such as poles, hats, gloves, socks, down jackets; sleeping bags etc are cheaper in Kathmandu.  There is even a Mountain Hardware and North Face genuine store that offers great deals.

*Note: You can also take these equipments on rent. 

2. Bring chocolate and any treats that you want:- This is a very important tip for you! Pringles and chocolate are expensive and having your own little stash for treats is nice. Sometimes when the altitude gets to us, the only thing that feels good going down is chocolate. It is a good idea to have some with you and you can buy it in Kathmandu. 

3. Tang – Bring tang to flavor your water:- Water can get pretty boring and you have to stay hydrated at altitude. Tasted water helps you to drink more and it’s more enjoyable than just water all the time. 

4. Bring water purifier or purification tablets :- You can get normal water while you are in the way, just fill the water and purify it yourself. Mineral water is expensive to buy.

5. Pack a map (or guide book of your choice):- The map or guide-book makes you reference regularly, check altitude symptoms, illnesses, your route and what you expect. 

6. Bring a book:- The Everest Base Camp trek takes several days and it can get a little boring sometimes. You may only have the energy to stay in bed and read a book, so bring a good one book. You can buy books in Kathmandu as well Namche Bazaar. 

7. Handi wipes:- Don’t worry about bathing much. Nobody does on Everest and we all smell.  Showers are not very pleasing at -10 degrees and you can go for days without properly washing.  Hand wipes and hand purifier at least helps keep you healthy. 

8. Do not eat more meat after Namche Bazaar:- Meat is carried up the mountain. They do not kill the animals on site so it is not sure to be fresh. 

9. Don’t be afraid of the suspension bridge:- This may seem like a terrifying and freaked tip over suspension bridges to Everest, but they are safe and in great condition. You actually enjoy walking along the bridges and the gorges. It is beautiful.

10. Keep batteries close to your body at all times:- Charging batteries is very expensive (almost $5 per hour). The cold reduce batteries quickly, so extend their life by keeping them warm with you.

11. Bring your own tea:- Tea is very expensive on Everest region and it is cheaper to buy hot water and use your own tea bags. Bring more diversity of teas as well for more enjoyment.


By: Bishnu

Email: bishnu@mountainnepaltrek.com