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About Nepal

Welcome to this beautiful country; Nepal. Nepal is a country of spiritual mountains, a glory for a hiker which is located between China and India. It’s been major destination for trekking, peak climbing, touring and it is also the birth place of god Buddha. Nepal has an intimate and a friendly relationship with both of these neighboring countries which includes a smooth flow of exchange of resources such as salt, tea, rice, electricity and so on. Along with this, the country has provided highly valued rights to these countries for entering its territory without any visa documentations.

Aside to people from India and China, millions of tourists from all around the world enter Nepal, annually. This rate of migration is rapidly increasing with respect to the country’s popularity. Not for trade or exchange, but for exploration this time. Nepal is highly rich in natural resources as well as geographical formations. From southern belt of Terai to Northern Himalaya belt and from rich landscapes of far-east to remote villages in far-west, everything that can be seen are highly attractive and amazingly enduring. People from all around the globe admire this beautiful county and desire to spend their leisure holidays here in its pleasuring environment. From climatic temperatures to beautiful geographical formations, everything in its own place favor a strong tourism determination.

As we have noted earlier, Nepal is highly rich in superlative geographical formations. The Terai belt in the south is formed of attractive areas suitable for tourism and counts thousands of temples, monasteries and pilgrimage sites. Similarly, the hilly belt comprises of a very pleasant atmosphere and a very suitable temperature for recession and relaxation. And last but not the least, it’s unbelievable to know this fact that, the northern Himalaya belt that extends from far-east to the far-west consist of 8 of the ten highest mountains in the world. The highest mountain in the world, ‘Mount Everest’ stands all alone with as impressive altitude of 8,848 meters that seems like soaring high up above towards the deep blue sky. The fact that this mountain peak is as asset of the country, attracts most of the mountaineers in the world who desire to leave their footprints on the body of their mountain peaks and conquer the summit that will ultimately provide a superior feeling as being the king of the world.

If you are among those who wish to spend their vacations in Nepal and make their boring leisure holidays an unforgettable one, you might want to have a look at the activities that you can carry out here.

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Looking for Nepal trekking packages? You have came to the perfect place. You could get all trekking packages here. Trekking in Nepal is one of the most amazing thing you can ever do. The rich geographical formations and pleasing environment highly favor every conditions for trekking. If you are among those who desire to explore around beautiful places and strongly crave for an adventurous holiday, we highly recommend you to trek through the ultimate landscape of this superlative kingdom.

Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak-climbing in Nepal is like a passion for some people. It’s in their blood. These people have a strong desire to conquer the summit of their favorite peaks and let introverts know that they have left their footprints on world-wide famous mountains. This highly demanded mountaineering activity will quench all your desire of experiencing adventures. Just imagine how it feels to dominate the entire world standing at the top of Everest summit.

Expedition in Nepal

Mountain Expedition in Nepal

Mountain Expedition is a much demanded as well as highly preferred mountain sport in Nepal Himalaya. This ultimate experience of adventures and thrills will take your breath away upon reaching your destination. First of all we need to know the fact that Nepal is highly rich in biological and geographical diversities.

Tour in Nepal

Gold Mountain Nepal Treks & Expedition offer Sightseeing in Kathmandu, Visit to Chitwan National Park, Lumbini Buddha's Birth Place, Pokhara Himalayas and others many tours in Nepal. Nepal has always been a different and possible place for people in a different ways as it is in between the two big Countries i.e. China and India. Nepal is also known as the country of brave Gurkhali and it is the birth place of Lord Buddha, the light of Asia. The world knows Nepal as the place of highest peak in the world Mount Everest 8848 m, and others 7 highest peaks in the world above 8000 meters.

View of Mountain rage during Nagarkot Hiking

Short Hiking in Nepal

Short hiking around Kathmandu Valley offers golden chance to see fantastic mountains view and discover Nepalese geography without going too far as well as without climbing up to high level. Kathmandu is a valley, surrounded by green hills. These hills are covered with green forest, beautiful villages, and terraced farms.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari Tours in Nepal

Nepal Jungle Safari Tour is a very fabulous thing to do in this beautiful country Nepal. The climatic conditions of this country is very much suitable for existing lush vegetation and living organisms. Getting into the wilderness of forests, watching wild lives close and enjoying bird watching is the prime attraction of this particular activity.

Mountain Flight over Mt.Everest

Sport Tourism in Nepal

Nepal is not only famous for its mountains and natural beauty but it is also popular for Sports tourism such as paragliding in Pokhara, golfing in Kathmandu, Mountain Bike and Motor cycle tours, Mountain Flight, Bungee Jumping, River Rafting and Canoeing etc. 

White Water Rafting in Nepal

White Water River Rafting in Nepal

Rafting is one of the most demanded tourism activities in Nepal. Both of the native Nepalese as well as tourists are seen to be interested in river rafting in Nepal. This ultimate adventurous and challenging sport is highly admired by adventure lovers

Hotels Booking in Nepal

Our company Green Nepal Tourism has intimate relationships with number of hotels in the major cities of Nepal. It’s a really an important matter of convenience to gain knowledge about the existing hotels in these cities of the country. 

Flight Ticket Booking

Here are lot of airline companies in Nepal that serves flight journeys within the country as well to international destinations. The entire country comprises of 52  airports. Among them 3 are international airports.

Guide and Porters Hire

Gold Mountain Nepal Treks & Expedition has been established by unique group of young, energetic, highly experienced and qualified team with the aim of to promote Nepal tourism to all over the world. All our Guides and Porters are experience in the Mountains for many years. We are providing guide & porter hiring service as well to those who don’t want to take whole package of our services for their trip.

Nepal Travel Information

We are proud to be Nepalese and the beauty of Nepal. Nepal is landlocked, located between India and China. It's also known as a hilly country and known as more beautiful country in the world. It is decorated by the natural, religious and cultural resources. Nepal is known as poor but rich in natural resources. The highest peak in the world Mt. Everest is located in Nepal and others higher than eight thousands meters high Mountains. So, here are huge possibilities of trekking in Himalaya.

Charity Programs

On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal about 50 miles from the nation's capital and largest city, Kathmandu. The shake destroyed homes, buildings and roads. The death toll goes over 8,300 and more than 16,000 are reported injured.

Car Hiring in Nepal

Vehicle Renting

Gold Mountain Nepal Treks also provide vehicle renting service in Nepal. We offer all types of vehicles such as car, van, mini/big bus and coach etc as per the group size. We offer luxury, deluxe to cheap & budget vehicle services in Nepal for few hours, few days & few weeks as well.

Rice Planting

Rice Planting Festival

Rice is one of the main commodities in Nepal. Every summer, as the rains set in the valley, it’s time to celebrate the showers by making a festival of the planting of rice (ropain).

Bhaleshwor Temple in Chandragiri Hill

Chandragiri Cable Car

At 2,547m above from sea level, the view tower of Chandragiri hill offers you clear view of the splendid snow-capped Himalayas such as the Annapurna ranges to Mt. Everest.