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Restricted Area Trek

Few areas in Nepal are strictly restricted for tourist to save from destruction natural beauties, traditions, culture and environment. Many treks suggested in maps might be located in restricted area. For trekking the routes you must have special permit, which our company Gold Mountain Nepal Treks can be arrange. When you plan trek in such areas make sure you complete the whole requirement. These routes are opened for travelers/trekkers since October 1991.

These restricted areas are not permitted to trek alone for travelers so you should be at least two persons in the group. Trekking permit will not be issued to individual trekkers for the restricted areas. If you are alone or you don’t find the other friends, in this condition Gold Mountain Nepal Treks will assist to find other trekkers who are going to same areas for you.

The Mount Manaslu

Manaslu Round Trekking

Manaslu Trekking is a wonderful trekking route in the Manaslu Himalaya region of Nepal. This one of the most demanded trekking route comprises of magnificent views of snow-capped mountain peaks as well flawless natural designs.

Upper Mustang Valley

Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang Trek is all about trekking in the upper regions of Mustang. This place is unexpectedly beautiful and offers exploring in the remote Trans-Himalaya region that are inspired by Tibetan influence.

Mount Makalu

Makalu Trekking

Makalu Trekking is one of the most amazing thing that can ever happen in your life. The route takes you all the way to the laps of the fifth highest mountain in the world; Mount Makalu.

Upper Dolpo Trekking

Upper Dolpo Trekking

Upper Dolpo Trekking takes you beyond the land of Himalayas. The land is scattered full of temples, monasteries & gompas. This trekking region is located in the western part of the country.